Power to the People Through NBS’ Solar Energy Loan Fund (SELF)

November 15, 2019

The National Building Society (NBS) announces the launch of the Solar Energy Loan Fund (SELF); an empowering solution that offers self-reliance in terms of accessing electricity.

Given the incessant and erratic supply of electricity in the country, solar energy has become a popular alternative, being a clean and relatively cheap option in the long run.  To enable people to access the benefits of solar, NBS’ SELF avails the funds needed to buy anything solar.  No purchase is too big or too small, from a single solar panel to the installation of an entire solar system.  SELF brings convenience by providing the funds to access a reliable supply of electricity via solar energy.  Clients will also add value to their homes because the solar purchase will contribute towards home improvement.

SELF can be applied for at the Solar Desk inside any NBS branch countrywide.  It is open to employed individuals, whether in a permanent, contract or self-employed capacity.  What is important is to demonstrate proof of income which can come in the form of a salary slip, receipt books, rental income.  Another feature of SELF is having an NBS account that will facilitate the processing of the loan.  Opening an account is simple and requires a copy of national identification document, proof of residence, bank statement from current bankers covering a period of three months, confirmation letter of employment (where this applies) and the aforementioned proof of income.

As a registered building society, NBS was set up with the sole mandate of contributing to the national housing stock.  This informed the decision to introduce SELF, being a product closely related to housing as the core business.  The move is also expected to contribute to easing pressure on the national grid and to participation in green environment campaigns.

NBS commits to continue leveraging on its solid capital base and support structure, to seek, facilitate and provide affordable housing and related solutions.  The launch of SELF is part of this approach which uses innovative channels in the delivery of service to clients, with a fundamental focus on enabling convenience and affordability.

SELF is one in the wide array of products and services that can be accessed through any NBS branch across the country.  All it takes is a visit to the Solar Desk which will inform and empower.